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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

NetApplications, a provider of Web-based applications that measure, monitor and market Web sites for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), today announced its monthly Web site traffic analysis. In November 2005, browser usage numbers revealed that Mozilla's new Firefox 1.5 browser sparked new user adoption, putting it back on track to reach the critical 10% market threshold. Apple's Safari also has seen continued gains with steady, consistent traction.

Mozillas recent release of Firefox 1.5 has already had an impact on browser usage. November 2005 browser numbers indicate that Firefox continues to gain market share, reaching 8.84%. Apples Safari is also taking small bites of out of the browser market share reaching 2.78%. And, while Firefox's gains have been fast and choppy over the last 12 months, Safari's growth has been steady. Safari held 1.56% usage market share for December 2004, and has increased its market share each month without slipping.

Whats interesting is that in the last week of November, Firefox hit as high as 9.09% market share, which is indicative of its potential to hit a critical mass of 10%, Vince Vizzaccaro, executive vice president of marketing and strategic relationships at NetApplications Âťobserved.

The new release is noticeably quicker and it offers improved security over its predecessor. Furthermore, its rendering of complex pages is greatly enhanced. Mozilla promises a steady pattern of upgrades to Firefox, positioning itself to keep the market share gained so far, and to set the stage for greater growth in the future.

November Browser Market Share:
Microsoft Internet Explorer - 86.08%
FireFox - 8.84%
Safari - 2.78%
Netscape - 1.25%
Opera - 0.53%
Other - 0.43%

October Browser Market Share:
Microsoft Internet Explorer - 86.52%
FireFox - 8.59%
Safari - 2.56%
Netscape - 1.26%
Opera - 0.54%
Other - 0.53%


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